Gehenna, birthplace of destiny and suffering.

Gehenna is the closest thing that the Durnskald have to an ancestral homeland. A rugged land of enchanted thick pine forests (known as Ahn Archims), rolling lowlands, and towering peaks Gehenna has stood steadfast against the brutal storms of the Cania Ocean.

Gehenna was sundered by the Durskald civil war with the followers of Xax and A’ki maintaining control over the most densely populated southern region surrounding the soaring spire of Ulv Tarrin. The north western Aostara Valley region is under the control of the Durskald Provisional Governing Body, they have renamed the valley Ur Gehenna, or Greater Gehenna, as a political demoralization tactic against the traditionalists. Though the two regions are geographically similar in land mass the Ulv Tarrin region is situated at the mouth of the large Aostara Bay, allowing the traditionalists to blockade the rebels from the rest of the world’s waterways. The Ahn Archims of Gehenna are among the oldest in the Darklands, allowing those with the proper skills to draw a great deal of power from them to keep the rebels in check.

The capital city of Gehenna is Hephaestus Ra’Archim, which sits atop the heavily wooded mesa surrounding Ulv Tarrin at a crossing of three ley lines. It was in Hephaestus Ra’Archim that the Rite of Severing was performed. Other notable cities include Port Malifax, Kember, Raestus, as well as the three Tors: Ollege, Moratius, and Sevistrus.


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