Terminus, Elemental God of Earth and Stone, the Warden of Boundaries


Holy Symbol
A depiction of a multi-faceted gemstone, or more generally Black Tourmaline



Terminus is an ancient deity known to numerous pantheons and civilizations, including the Fallen Titan’s of the Shao-Tsur dynasty who died off over 6,500 years ago. Terminus is a god of stability, willpower, and stands as the eternal guardian of the barrier between the sky and the earth. He has a large number of adherents in the Elemental Empire and his worshippers can be found in Pergisurcia and rarely the Darklands as well.

Worship of Terminus is encouraged by the Durnskald Provisional Governing body, which is disputed by the Durnskald Traditionalists of Gehenna.

While Terminus does not make appearances frequently he is immediately recognizable. Standing at well over two hundred feet tall and resembling a small walking mountain Terminus makes for an imposing sight.



Followers of Terminus are a stoic group who are known for their honesty, dependability, and general lack of a sense of humor. They feel at home in the wild and tend to be distrustful of arcane magic.


  • Followers of Terminus are generally slow to change or respond, receiving a -2 divine penalty to Initiative checks and to their AC versus traps
  • Followers of Terminus are blunt and they dislike liars and dishonesty, receiving a -2 divine penalty to Bluff checks
  • Followers of Terminus are straightforward in combat and may not make Sneak Attacks or Sudden Strikes, nor may they use the Feint maneuver


  • Followers of Terminus are strong willed and difficult to influence, receiving a +2 divine bonus to all Will saves. Additionally, once per day, they may disregard the effects of a failed Will save made to resist an enchantment or compulsion effect as if they had passed the save instead.
  • Followers of Terminus are sturdy and are treated as one size category larger (when advantageous) when making grapple checks or resisting losing their footing for any reason such as resisting Bull-Rush attempts or Trip attempts. Additionally, they receive a +2 divine bonus on such checks.
  • Clerics of Terminus can choose from Earth, Plant, Cavern, and Protection domains, and his favored weapon is the Warmaul


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