The Durnskald Pantheon

Players may choose to worship any of the gods or goddesses listed below unless restricted by their Path choices.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Salin’ess-Khahaan Lasteroff – Goddess of Protection, Justice, and Courage

Alignment: Neutral Good
Summer Sky Mayfevr – Goddess of Mercy, Kindness, and Sacrifice

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Se’Pal the Wise – God of Songs and Wine
Othanops the Alabaster – God of Light and Community

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Ahn’Ra – Goddess of Control, Abstinence, and Dispassion
Io – Goddess of Reason
Whisper Veldra Mayfevr – Goddess of Entropy, Equilibrium, Redemption, and Fate; Head of the Durnskald Pantheon
Van’jeer – God of Laws and Contracts

Alignment: True Neutral
Donovan Mystic – God of Magic, Knowledge, and Riddles
Aztrinax – Elemental Goddess of the Ocean and Water
Ignus – Elemental God of Fire
Kulthani – Elemental Goddess of the Air
Terminus – Elemental God of the Earth and Stone

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Alectus – God of Storms, Anger, and Retribution
Pergamontis – Goddess of Life
Sen’Ra – God of Dishonor and Cowardice

Alignment: Lawful Evil
A’ki the Destroyer – God of Death, Cruelty, and Destruction
Ahz-Malanar – God of Darkness and the Unknown
Caralax – God of Undeath and Sorrow

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Wicked Az-Toth – God of Secrets, Blood, and Deceit

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Xax – Outcast Goddess of Disease and Corruption
Llilian the Redeemer – God of Betrayal and Slaughter

Alignment: None/Any
The Outsider – Deity of the beginning and end of all things and harbinger of annihilation, in its hair fly the four immortal serpents of Ashara-Et-Oster’toth

The Durnskald Pantheon

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